Open Pit Mine - Ray Complex

Arizona - The Copper State

"It was a search for gold and silver that drew the first Europeans into the land that is now Arizona, and many of those who came later shared this aim. Practically one out of every four people in the Territory of Arizona in 1864 was a prospector or a miner." (more)

"The town of Kearny, named after Stephen Watts Kearny, who travelled through the area around 1846 on the way to California along the Gila River, was created in 1958 to provide housing to the residents of Ray, Barcelona, and Sonora AZ ten miles down the road. These towns were consumed by what is now called the Ray Pit currently owned by ASARCO." (more)

"The influx of fortune-seekers was also the impetus for the arrival of American troops to protect them. It was near what is now known as Kearny that the first significant military garrison against the Apaches was established in 1859. Originally called "Camp Arivaypa" (located not far from what is now Central Arizona College Aravaipa Campus), it later became Camp Grant (which itself was moved to south of Mt. Graham in 1871). From the time of the establishment of this fort onward, the Americans could no longer be prevented from settling the region." (more)

"In 1881, James Douglas came out to Bisbee from Pennsylvania. Douglas represented Phelps Dodge, a company that had bought into the Copper Queen Mining operation. Douglas was the architect of a mining venture that turned Bisbee from a back-country copper camp into one of the world's great mining towns. The large copper ore body was found in 1884. The vein ran under the Atlantic mine and the Copper Queen Mine. Rather than argue over ownership, the merged mine claims became the Copper Queen Consolidated under the Phelps Dodge management."

Arizona Mining Association
Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in Phoenix
- Admission and parking are free.
Mineral Information Institute - FREE Teaching Materials
ASARCO Past and Present
Copper Mine Tours
Modular Mining Systems, Inc.
- with headquarters in Tucson, offers a full line of products and software to meet the needs of both open pit and underground operations management.
Only Chile produces more copper than Arizona.

Arizona Ghost Towns
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum
- The Museum is working with the Smithsonian Institution to create a first-class, mining and mineral hall.
Goldfield Ghost Town & Mine Tours
- "Gateway to the Legendary Superstition Mountains"
Jerome's Gold King Mine
- Review: "A quirky collection of mining artifacts, old cars and collectibles, housed in over 15 buildings."

1994 - Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement Analyzing the Impacts of the Proposed Exchange of Approximately 5910 Acres of Public Land Near Kearny, Arizona and 640 Acres of Federal Mineral Estate Near Casa Grande, Arizona for Other Private Lands of Equal Appraised Value in Central Arizona
1998 - Kearny, Arizona to Receive More Than $1 Million for Flood Mitigation Project
2003 - California Adopts Tough Mining Rules That May Spell Industry's End

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